We're headed back to the vet again.  Have to have Brady's meds filled and get the heart scan results to him... Hoping we can give Brady a very happy and healthy life like he deserves!  <3  He was so good at the heart clinic and it breaks my heart to know that this sweet little guy still has to fight an unfair fight...  HCM knows no age, color, breed... HCM doesn't care... 

 Well, the scans are done. The Cardiologist has recommended adding another medication to Brady's daily cocktails as he still has fluids in his lungs.  This will make 4 medicines one to twice per day for our little guy.  He doesn't deserve this!   God help me stay strong!!  </3  Have to re-scan in another 6-12 months and have blood/urine tests done to make sure his little body is strong enough for all of these treatments.  
Brady had another "episode" tonight... It wasn't as bad this time, and he seems to be okay now...  We are scheduled to see the cardiologist on Saturday. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you very much! ♥