I've had the heat lamp going non-stop, along with the humidifier, and been giving medications as instructed... I'm not seeing an improvement. Brady is still coughing/sneezing and has a runny nose and eyes too. He is now having difficulty with his breathing and is becoming more lethargic again. He is still eating and drinking, which is great, but I haven't heard a purr in days... If you know my Brady this is not a good sign!  My sweet little guy purrs all the time, even at the vet's office! I'm wiping him with warm wash clothes because I don't have the heart or guts to put him in the bathtub right now.  We're snuggling as much as possible too, but it's tearing me apart to see him like this. I wish he could tell me how to fix this, how to help him. I feel so helpless. Here I have this amazing creature that has absolutely changed my life and touched my soul so deeply and I can't take this sickness from him... HE NEEDS ME AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM!  Are you a pet psychic or do you know one that would help? Anything? I do not want my baby boy suffering but I can't give up on him until he needs me to... :( 

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