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Just when it feels like we're on to something with our medicinal concoction and Brady is feeling better, he has another rough night.  Tonight Brady's breathing is really heavy and he sounds congested.  I'm keeping a close eye on him but I feel so helpless!  My poor sweet boy is fighting so hard and I hate that he's going through this!  I pray that I'm doing right by him and that God will give me the strength to make the right choices!  I know I keep asking, but I'd be really grateful for some extra prayers and positive thoughts tonight!  
Brady is home and feeling better. His blood work was good as well as his BP & pulse. Hoping his new medicine will start to do the trick soon but if not, we'll have to double the dose. :( Appreciate the prayers and well wishes! I know this isn't easy on his little heart and body and we're praying that he stays strong and is with us for a very long time! ♥ Here he is sitting in Kaci's first carrier right before his episode... He says that real men feel secure in pink! 

Would appreciate prayers! Brady has a 3pm appt. scheduled today but I just dropped him off early because he's having another "episode" of wobbles and lameness... I'm so scared! </3 
This is Moofin.  Moofin recently lost his battle with HCM.  Here's Moofin's story told by his human.

"Moofin threw a blood clot that paralyzed his back legs last night. I came home after work and he was great- took his medication and drank his fave goat milk. As I was eating my dinner I noticed he was moving in an odd manner, so I jumped up to see what had happened. 

He wasn't moving his back legs and seemed drained of energy. He just wanted to lay on his side and close his eyes. 

We wrapped him in a soft blanket and took him to the ER. I had read countless times on how painful clots can be- pure agony. So a part of me thought maybe it wasn't a clot and this could somehow be resolved, as he didn't appear to be in pain. 

We had a dr who had trained under Dr muers at Washington state, so had a decent amount of experience with HCM. I was thankful for this. She said with how his heart looked, and how dead his back legs were, we should consider euthanasia. 

I knew while I was carrying him up to the ER, that this is what I was coming to do- as much as my heart screamed no, this wasn't about me. It was about Moof. Dr told me they could give him something for pain but could do nothing to dissolve the clot or reverse the damage the clot had caused, and if by some chance we could get his back legs working again his quality of life would suffer and another clot would be just around the corner. 

They gave him something to relax him for the catheter. I held him close and repeated how much I love him and to please visit me from time to time so I know he is ok. The injection was given and he slowly stopped breathing. 

I wish you all could have met him, so you would know how incredibly amazing this angel was/is. I am so thankful he didn't have pain- my biggest fear was for him to need me and me not be there. It made leaving the house at all, very difficult. Thank god he went in peace. 

When I got home I tried to take a shower but just stood in there and cried. We have a torch light in the master bathroom which I usually dim because it is so bright. As I stood in the shower with my eyes closed, I kept seeing different light intensities through my eyelids. I opened my eyes and the torch light brightened, then dimmed, then brightened. It did this several more times before my shower ended. 

This may not make sense to some and perhaps you will laugh, but I feel this was Moof letting me know he was ok and made it. This light has never dimmed or brightened by itself. He knows how much I needed to "hear" from him, and I am so grateful for this. 

My best friend, I will love you until the day my heart stops beating, and I can not wait to be with you again on the other side. Thank you for all of these amazing years you have given me- all the smiles, the love, the laughs, purrs, cries, all of it. Till we meet again, my love ♥" 

RIP gorgeous Moofin!  

On Tuesday, December 20th, after not eating anything for dinner or breakfast, Brady began to throw up and I rushed him to the vet when I saw blood. Brady had chest radio-graphs done, blood tests ran and an IV to help with his dehydration. Brady's blood work looked okay, no damage to major organs from his meds, but his radiology report showed fluid on his lungs. Our doctor added 2 more medications to the mix.. One to get him eating again, the other to help relieve some of the pressure from the lung fluid. It took a couple of days, but Brady finally came back around to eating and started to feel better. It was our Christmas miracle! We were able to spend our holiday together and I couldn't have asked for a better gift! I only wish it had lasted. Christmas day, Brady started sneezing/coughing a lot. It's very hard to tell the difference between a kitty's sneeze and cough but neither should be taken lightly, especially with a heart patient. The next day, we're back to the vet's office and are instructed to double his lasix medication and keep him warm. If there is no improvement, return on Thursday. :/ My poor baby, he is so sweet and I hate seeing him go through this. I had to ask the doctor the inevitable question.... Am I doing this for me, or am I still doing this for Brady, and, when it comes time, will you tell me and help me through it? His reply made me feel a little better, right now, we're still doing this for Brady. He's not in any pain and we should still try to save him. That's all I needed to hear. I'll do whatever it takes as long as my baby is strong enough and not in any pain. No matter what I have to do, or what I have to sell, I'm doing it all for the love of Brady.    https://www.facebook.com/ForBrady   

Brady was an angel at the vet again! They were able to get the blood that they needed for his tests and I'm happy to report that Brady passed! All of his blood work came back okay, meaning that he can continue with his current heart medication and aspirin!  This is great news because I haven't seen another "episode" since we started him on these meds!  Thanks again for all of your prayers and donations!  We are already over $1000 into treatment and have another echo & blood pressure test coming up in two months which will add at least another $500-$600. With his heart being as bad as they say, I do not want to take any chances! 
 Well, we were back at the vet on Saturday to have Brady's eyes checked and a thyroid test done.  I am happy to report that his eyes look good and his test came back normal.  It was too early to run the other tests because his medicine hasn't been in his system long enough so we go back to the vet again in a couple weeks.  Until then, it's medication, relaxation and a lot of prayers and love!  Doing it all for the <3 of Brady! 
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I just wanted to update you on Brady's tests and condition... On 9/23, I took Brady to IVEC for his echocardiogram and blood pressure test... The test revealed that Brady is suffering from "symmetrical thickening of the ventricles, some pulmonary arterial dilation and mild left atrial enlargement with a small amount of atrial mitral valve insufficiency. Based on all of these findings, Brady has been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and we are starting him on a medication to help his heart function more normally." Brady is taking Atenolol twice per day.  PLEASE continue to pass along Brady's story and pray!  I appreciate it so very much!  The vet isn't sure how much time we have left together, but I am determined to make it as comfortable and happy as possible!  Thanks!